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The future of bioplastic in
Brazil's first algae shoe.

Âncora 1

Nature and technology working togheter for a more sustainable future.

Images you will see are sketches of possible products.

Tactile surface as product signature

finishing EVA

Organic inspired pattern

A non-slip sole for the safest grip

Waterproof rubberized algae polyme


What did you think of the idea?



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Action Sneaker

Minimal Mule



Be part of product creation

These products are in the validation phase and do not exist yet. That's why it's so important to listen to your opinion!

Answer the questions below and build these products with us.

You will become a beta user and win special benefits if the products become real, as well as knowing first-hand the news about the next steps!  

Which model caught your attention the most?
What is a price range you would pay for the product you chosen?
Where would you like to buy these products?

If you would like to know more about this and other ideas from Bergamotta Labs, please leave your info below so we can keep you updated about the news.

Thank you for sharing your opinion with us! Soon we will tell you the news! :)

Âncora 2

Algae are the fastest-growing plants on Earth and are a vital component of aquatic ecosystems. However, the increase in global temperatures and especially the excess flow of nutrients and human activities contributed to an unbridled increase in its growth, harming the entire ecosystem.

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